List of Figures

2.1  Tensegrity Prism
2.2  T-Prism Construction: Triangular Prism Stage
2.3  T-Prism: Cylindrical Coordinates
2.4  T-Prism: Cartesian Coordinates
2.5  Tensegrity Icosahedron
2.6  T-Icosahedron: Transformations
2.7  T-Icosahedron: Cartesian Coordinates
2.8  Tensegrity Tetrahedron
2.9  T-Tetrahedron: Mathematical Model
2.10  T-Tetrahedron: Mathematical Model (Detail)
4.1  2ν Diamond T-Tetrahedron
4.2  4ν Breakdown of Tetrahedron Face Triangle
4.3  4ν Tetrahedron Face Triangle Projected on to a Sphere
4.4  4ν Diamond T-Tetrahedron: Representative Struts
4.5  4ν Diamond T-Tetrahedron: Representative Tendons
4.6  4ν Diamond T-Tetrahedron: Coordinate Model (Face View)
4.7  4ν Diamond T-Tetrahedron: Coordinate Model (Edge View)
4.8  4ν Diamond T-Tetrahedron: Final Design
4.9  4ν Zig-Zag T-Tetrahedron: Representative Struts
4.10  4ν Zig-Zag T-Tetrahedron: Representative Tendons
4.11  4ν Zig-Zag T-Tetrahedron: Final Design
5.1  Tensegrity Tripod
5.2  4ν Octahedron: Alternating Triangles (Vertex View)
5.3  4ν T-Octahedron Sphere: Symmetry Regions
5.4  4ν Octahedron: Double-Layer Symmetry Regions
5.5  4ν T-Octahedron Sphere: Truss Members
5.6  4ν T-Octahedron Sphere: Final Design
5.7  2ν Icosahedron
5.8  Hexagon/Triangle Tensegrity Network Inscribed in 2ν Icosahedron
5.9  2ν Hexagon/Triangle T-Icosahedron: Coordinate System
5.10  2ν Hexagon/Triangle T-Icosahedron: Truss Members
5.11  2ν Hexagon/Triangle T-Icosahedron: Final Design
6.1  Valid Tensegrity Truncation Groups
6.2  Invalid Tensegrity Truncation Groups
6.3  6ν T-Octahedron Sphere: Symmetry Regions
6.4  6ν T-Octahedron Sphere: Truss Members
6.5  6ν T-Octahedron Sphere: Vertex View
6.6  6ν Octahedron: Unprojected Truncation Boundaries
6.7  6ν Octahedron: Projected Truncation Boundaries
6.8  6ν T-Octahedron Dome: Symmetry Regions
6.9  6ν T-Octahedron Dome: Truss Members
6.10  Double-Layer Dome: Base Point and Guy-Attachment Point Radii
6.11  6ν T-Octahedron Dome: Side View
6.12  6ν T-Octahedron Dome: Base View
7.1  6ν T-Octahedron Dome: Positions and Effect of Exogenous Loads
7.2  Orthogonal Tensegrity Prism
7.3  Orthogonal T-Prism: Positions and Effect of Exogenous Loads
A.1  Snelson's Planar Truss
A.2  Planar Assembly of T-Prisms
A.3  Planar Assembly of T-Tripods