ray-traced diagram of merger of three six-fold tensegrity prisms
(VRML Model)

On studying the Orthogonal Cube, I saw an opportunity to insert six additional struts which would transform the figure into a merger of three six-fold prisms. Although the new struts aren't symmetrical with the existing struts, they combine with the existing ones to form the edges of three six-fold prisms which are shown in red, green and blue in the diagram above. The data for the structure are summarized in the following table:

LabelEnd Points LengthForce
strut  p01a  p10b   1.00000000000000   -1.0000000000000   
strutx p01cp10c 1.00000000000000-0.7320508075689  
 tritena  p01ap02a 0.31698729810778  1.0000000000000  
tritenb p01bp02b 0.31698729810778  1.0000000000000  
zztena p01ap01c 0.25881904510252  1.4142135623731  
zztenb p01cp07b 0.25881904510252  1.4142135623731  

This design was completed on November 3, 2004. I suppose it could be in Allen Back's and Bob Connelly's Catalogue of Symmetric Tensegrities somewhere, but I haven't been able to find it. This model is also available on the Tensegrity Viewer as "Three 6-Fold Prisms Merged".

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