infinite tensegrity x-column (no alternation)

Here is another Infinite-Stage X-Module Column. In contrast to the previous one I designed, in this one the modules don't alternate between left-handed and right-handed modules as the chain progresses. They are all left-handed. The result is a tensegrity double helix. I've colored one of the helices and its bounding tendons red and the other helix and its bounding tendons blue to highlight them.

Except for the elimination of the alternation, all the characteristics (member lengths and forces, clearances, 90° relative orientation of opposite struts) are identical with the previous one's data. The X-Modules themselves rotate by 122.054243191365° as one goes from one module to the next, and move along the chain by 0.711639165767176 model units. This implies one moves by 57.945756808635° as one moves between adjacent struts on a helix. The rotation doesn't change with strut length. I haven't checked if other design parameters affect it.

This design was completed June 24, 2004.

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