dowel-and-fishing-line augmented tensegrity two-fold prism study with four-fold girdle

After having done a study of a tensegrity prism girdled with a lesser number of struts and another study of a tensegrity prism girdled with an equal number of struts, it seemed like a good idea to do a study of a tensgrity prism girdled by a greater number of struts, hence this study. To add more interest, I decided to use a core prism of two struts which in this context takes on three dimensions in constrast to its usual (and I think uninteresting) two-dimensional configuration.

This study exhibits the two-fold symmetry of the core prism. Correspondingly, it doesn't align itself very gracefully when pinned to a surface by a gravitational field.

If I were getting allegorical, I'd probably tie it into Richard Wagner's opera "Siegfried" somehow, but I imagine I've tried your patience with the previous two studies, so I'll give it a rest. I completed assembly of this study on February 17, 2004. For assembly information, see the datasheet.

scan of illustration from cover of a Glenn Gould album
Siegfried Discovers Brünnhilde
(VRML Model)

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