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Photo email from Maxim Schrogin

Date: 11/27/2003 5:48 PM
Subject: Re: Zig-Zag Tensegrity Torus Datasheet

Nice tensegrity Christmas wreaths! Especially the one that the aliens did over your landscape. Designwise, open up all kinds of possibilities for me.

I attach photos of two prototype modules I just threw together using alternate compression/tension dimensions.

On the left the struts are 39", the six end tendons are 25", and the three side tendons are 26". Strut clearance is about 5". On the right we have 39, 28-1/2, and 23-1/2 as dimension, with clearance about 5-1/8". I'm gonna stick with the taller, narrower configuration for aesthetic purposes..

Happy Thanksgiving! Maxim

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