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Last revision: October 30, 2009

Most of them are tensegrities anyway. These are VRML realizations of selected structures from the Synergetics Gallery and A Practical Guide to Tensegrity Design. I've put semi-transparent platforms against some of the ones that are meant to sit on a flat surface. There are still a few more I want to add. Floppy's VRML97 Tutorial has been a useful reference, and I've been using Cortona's free browser to view them myself. If you have viewing problems on the Cortona or another browser, I'd appreciate a notification. See contact information at the bottom of the page.

Structures from the Synergetics Gallery and Press Releases

Tensegrity Tetrahedron (della Sala)
Tensegrity Tetrahedron (Snelson variation)
Tensegrity Tetrahedron (Sadao-Price)
Tensegrity Tetrahedron (Snelson)
Tensegrity Tetrahedron (Pars)
Double Tetrahelix
Thirteen Great Circles
Two-fold Prism Girdled by Four-fold Prism
Orthogonal Three-Prism (simple hubs)
Emmerich's Prism
Emmerich's Prism (variation)
Snelson's Hub for X-Module Columns
Siamese Twin Three-fold Prisms
Skew Tensegrity
Skew Prism Arch
Half Cuboctahedron (Four-Fold Prism)
Concentric Five-fold Prisms
Concentric Five-fold Prisms (variation)
5-Fold Fan Prism
5-Fold Skew Prism
5-Fold Skip-A-Strut Skew Prism
Six-Fold Equi-tendoned Prism
Split-Level Prism I
Split-Level Prism II
Wishbone Tensegrity
Diamond-Shaped Prisms
Tetrahedral Prisms
Three Six-Fold Prisms Merged
Orthogonal Girdled Six-Fold Prism
Triangularly Girdled Six-fold Prism
Skew Eight-Prism (Non-regular Ends)
Skew Eight-Prism (Regular Ends)
Perspective Prism
The Empty Chair (Marcelo Pars)
Tensegrity Tulip
Wheel I (Gůmez JŠuregui module)
Wheel II (Gůmez JŠuregui module)
Dodecahedron with X-Column Edges
Eight-Stage X-Module Torus
Eight-Stage X-Module Torus (alternative)
Ten-Stage X-Module Torus
Twelve-Stage X-Module Torus
Twelve-Stage X-Module Torus (alternative)
Four-Stage Three Torus
Six-Stage Three Torus
Eight-Stage Three Torus
Ten-Stage Three Torus
Twelve-Stage Three Torus
Twelve-Stage Three Torus (alternative)
Bouncy Mast (spiraling)
Bouncy Mast (alternating)
Aspension Tower (Marcus)
Aspension Tower II
Aspension Skylon II
Aspension Canary
Aspension Arch
First Obelisk
Second Obelisk
First Bean Teepee
Four-Fold Obelisk
Three-Stage X-Module Column
Four-Stage X-Module Column
X-Module Arch
8-Stage Zig-Zag Arch
2ν Double-Layer Octahedron Sphere
2ν Double-Layer Octahedron Sphere (variation)
2ν Zig-Zag Icosahedron Sphere
2ν Zig-Zag Icosahedron Sphere (first variation)
2ν Zig-Zag Icosahedron Sphere (second variation)

Structures from A Practical Guide to Tensegrity Design

Figure 2.1:  Tensegrity Prism
Figure 2.5:  Tensegrity Icosahedron
  Tensegrity Icosahedron (alternative hub configuration)
Figure 2.8:  Tensegrity Tetrahedron
Figure 4.1:  2ν Diamond T-Tetrahedron
Figure 4.8:  4ν Diamond T-Tetrahedron: Final Design
Figure 4.11:  4ν Zig-Zag T-Tetrahedron: Final Design
Figure 5.6:  4ν T-Octahedron Sphere: Final Design
Figure 5.11:  2ν Hexagon/Triangle T-Icosahedron: Final Design
Figure 6.5:  6ν T-Octahedron Sphere: Vertex View
Figure 6.11:  6ν T-Octahedron Dome: Side View
Figure7.2:  Orthogonal Tensegrity Prism


4ν Double-Layer Dome
6ν Double-Layer Dome
8ν Double-Layer Dome
10ν Double-Layer Dome


The Three Bears as Jitterbugs

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