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Tensegrity Structure Model Data

Last revision: October 30, 2009

Here are links to the data files used for the Java-Based Tensegrity Viewer and the Java3D-Based Tensegrity Viewer. The meaning of each line of text in a data file is determined by the first character on the line. The first character is either "#", "v" (stands for "vertex") or "l" (stands for "line"). Text lines starting with "#" are comments. Text lines starting with "v" are coordinate data for the points (a.k.a. vertices). Cartesian x, y and z values are given in floating-point format. After Tim Tyler kindly pointed out that some of the vertex data was duplicated, I consolidated the duplicates for the convenience of those applications where it is necessary. Text lines starting with "l" contain three integers indicating how geometric lines connect the points and what type of member the line represents: the first two integers are zero-based indexes into the vertex array, and the third integer is a "type" value. For tensegrities, geometric lines where the type (mod 8) is 1 are struts. The others are tendons.

Tensegrity Tetrahedron (della Sala)
Tensegrity Tetrahedron (Snelson variation)
Tensegrity Tetrahedron (Sadao-Price)
Tensegrity Tetrahedron (Snelson)
Tensegrity Tetrahedron (Pars)
Double Tetrahelix
Thirteen Great Circles
3-Fold Equi-tendoned Prism
3-Fold Orthogonal Prism
Emmerich's Prism
Emmerich's Prism (variation)
5-Fold Skew Prism
5-Fold Skew Skip-A-Strut Prism
5-Fold Fan Prism
6-Fold Ortho-Girdled Prism
6-Fold Equi-tendoned Prism
Split-Level Prism I
Split-Level Prism II
Wishbone Tensegrity
Diamond-Shaped Prisms
Tetrahedral Prisms
Three 6-Fold Prisms Merged
Skew Eight-Prism
9-Fold Equi-tendoned Prism
Perspective Prism
The Empty Chair (Marcelo Pars)
Skew Tensegrity
Skew Prism Arch
Bouncy Mast (spiraling)
Bouncy Mast (alternating)
Aspension Tower (Marcus)
Aspension Tower II
Aspension Skylon II
Aspension Canary
Aspension Arch
First Obelisk
Second Obelisk
4-Fold Obelisk
First Bean Teepee
X-Module Bean Teepee
4v Diamond Tetra (aligned)
Truncated Octahedron
X-Module Torus 1
X-Module Torus 2
Twelve-Stage Torus
Three-Stage X-Module Column
X-Module Arch
8-Stage Zig-Zag Arch
Wheel I (Gůmez JŠuregui module)
Wheel II (Gůmez JŠuregui module)
2v Zig-Zag Icosahedron Sphere
Dodecahedron with X-Column Edges
2v Icosa Sphere
2v Octa Sphere
2v Octa Sphere (variation)
2v Octa Dome
4v Octa Dome
6v Octa Dome
8v Octa Dome
10v Octa Sphere
10v Octa Dome
10v Octahedron
10v Projected Octahedron

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Dynamic Tensegrity Views