Ever Reworking an Affirmation of the Origins of Good Sense: Revision History

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11Apr2022 In the affirmation, expand the preservation item to four.
30Mar2022 In the affirmation, add a line about psychological manipulation and another adjective for communicating.
03Jan2022 In the affirmation, change "society" to "community," move "nurturing" to the last of three items, make the presentation the of affirmation more compact.
09Sep2021 In the affirmation, add a particle, add "society" and lower-case christ.
26Jun2021 Belatedly update the intro to the "previous" list. In the affirmation, add "nurturing" and change some noun forms to fit with it. Go back to using "guide" instead of "lead."
01Jan2021 In the affirmation, remove "accomplishing" from the aspects of creation.
08Nov2020 In the affirmation, add "affirming" and "accomplishing" to the aspects of creation.
07Jun2020 In the affirmation, add "fidelity" to the list of virtues.
29May2020 In the affirmation, change "waiting" to "scheduling" and delete an "and".
24Jan2020 Remove "meditation" from the affirmation, and rearrange a bit.
03Apr2019 Add "rely" to the affirmation, and rearrange a bit.
14Nov2018 Add "innovation" to the affirmation, and rearrange a bit.
14Oct2018 Add "experimentation" to the affirmation.
22Dec2017 Add "trust" to the affirmation, and reorder a sequence.
12Oct2017 In the affirmation, add "discernment" to the first sequence.
23Apr2017 Refer to the old meditation as an affirmation, using Stephen Gottschalk as an inspiration.
04Apr2017 In the meditation, tweak the rhythm of a line.
02Apr2017 In the meditation, add "stamina" to the first sequence. Convert some HTML codes to ASCII.
27Dec2016 In the meditation, add "waiting" to the creation sequence.
23Sep2016 In the meditation, add Christ to the last line.
02Mar2016 In the meditation, add literacy to the last line and reorder the list.
08Dec2015 In the meditation, add beauty to the last line.
01May2015 In the meditation, substitute "sustenance" for "justice".
06Mar2015 Use a comma instead of a semicolon in the meditation. Don't capitalize "you."
14Feb2015 In the meditation, use "accessible to" instead of "for." Remove the malfunctioning Javascript display of the medition. Reroute Schurz links to Angelfire.
06Feb2015 In the meditation, add "peace" to the last line (from the 6th Principle of the Unitarian Universalist Association).
23Jan2015 In the meditation, append the last line from the Pledge of Allegiance.
23Sep2013 In the narrative, mention Mary Rowlandson and add Genesis 3.24 and other comments to the motto. Tweak comments on David Strauss.
20Sep2013 In the narrative, mention David Strauss. Elaborate more on thinking. Mention meditation earlier on. Admit my feeble attempts at intergalactic criticism. Start work on a motto.
25Apr2013 In the medition, swap communication elements to reflect love, truth and life.
15Apr2013 In the medition, remove "free."
13Nov2012 In the medition, change "playing" to "meditating." Supplement the narrative. Remove the P.O. box address.
24Sep2012 In the medition, truncate the first line.
26Aug2012 In the prayer, make one line out of the first two. Don't capitalize "you" so much.
25Aug2012 In the prayer, remove stuff on ignorance and error.
01Feb2012 In the prayer, remove "realm" and "domain." Tweak cadences.
15Dec2011 In the prayer, remove "Principle of" and tweak the punctuation a bit.
28Oct2011 Change "acknowledgement" to "meditation" in a variety of places where it needed doing. In the prayer, swap "working" and "imagining" to get a better conceptual sequence. Add a paragraph of thoughts on the sequence.
20Oct2011 Reroute Schurz link from Freewebtown to Trip.net.
12Oct2011 Revert the title of the essay back to "... a Meditation on ..." from "... an Acknowledgement of ..." Do some asymmetric quote and dash conversions. Note Americana "New-Thought" article and reversion of title.
03Oct2011 In the acknowledgement, use "complete" instead of "comprehensive."
05Apr2011 In the acknowledgement, use "playing" instead of "meditating." In the narrative: exits->exited; meditation->acknowledgement.
30Sep2010 In the acknowledgement (was a meditation), swap two words. Retitle the essay from "... a Meditation on ..." to "... an Acknowledgement of ..."
26Jul2010 In the meditation, move around that same group of words again. Retitle the essay from "Ever Rewriting ..." to "Ever Reworking ..." Work a little on the narrative again.
12Jul2010 In the meditation, swap thinking with imagining. Retitle the essay from "Ever Rethinking ..." to "Ever Rewriting ..." Work a little to resynchronize the narrative with the meditation.
16Jun2010 In the meditation, change praying to meditating.
10Jun2010 Retitle this essay from "Ever Rethinking a Prayer for Peace" to "Ever Rethinking a Meditation on the Origins of Good Sense."
09Jun2010 Retitle this essay from "Ever Rethinking the Lord's Prayer" to "Ever Rethinking a Prayer for Peace."
16May2010 Add a marquee. In the prayer, break a line into three.
22Mar2010 Add imagining to the prayer.
30Sep2009 New link for Desiderata.
14Aug2009 In the prayer, remove two line breaks and a word.
27Mar2009 In the prayer, rephrase perpetual, omnipresent and omnipotential, and use semicolons and a colon instead of commas.
21Mar2009 Add "considerate" to the prayer.
01Mar2009 Add "comprehensive" to the prayer.
04Feb2009 Rewrite MIT-EST readings so they are more clearly separated.
18Jan2009 In the prayer, elaborate a little bit on communication.
14Jan2009 Add "communicating" to the prayer.
30Dec2008 Add "thinking" to the prayer.
21Dec2008 Add Faust to influence list. Add another phrase at the end of the prayer.
09Oct2008 Add Psalm 19.1 quote to APOD link.
01Aug2008 Remove the second part of the next to the last line in the prayer.
20Jul2008 Restore some of the material of the "awkward title" removed last time as one more line at the end. Add Britannica essay on "ethics" to the influences.
07Jul2008 In the prayer, remove the awkward title, and say "creativity" rather than "creation."
06Jul2008 Revise last line of the prayer.
25Jun2008 More words to the last line of the prayer.
09Jun2008 Revise the aside on Schurz's cycling cloak to incorporate another appearance of the cloak in Edinburgh.
02Jun2008 Take a line from the prayer and a motto from Science and Health and make then into a title for the prayer. Expand meditation on the love, truth and life trinity.
22Apr2008 Add a meditation on self-immolation and Carl Schurz's cycling cloak.
31Mar2008 Add "inspiration" to the list of the perpetual prayer, and tag Bach (with thanks to Time-Life Books' Historic India — by Lucille Schulberg and the editors from the "Great Ages of Man" series — for pointing out the connection between life and creativity).
29Mar2008 In the prayer, make "potential" "omni-potential" and split that line in two.
26Feb2008 In the prayer, revert "Faithful" back to "Perpetual".
17Jan2008 Restore "Perpetual prayer" and add "illusions" to the prayer.
16Jan2008 Try out some other adjectives in the prayer instead of repeating perpetual all the time. Try to make thoughts on "Principles, Not Men" stick together better. Make us the observer instead of just you (seems more consistent with the prayer). Work on the meta tags a bit.
03Jan2008 A few more words on "Principles, Not Men".
31Dec2007 Directly mention Henry Thoreau.
29Dec2007 Add link to Einstein's "Religion and Science" essay.
13Dec2007 In the Afterword, mention Buckminster Fuller and Carl Schurz.
10Nov2007 Put "into Your realm" on its own line.
02Nov2007 Put "perpetual Potential" where "perpetual promise" used to be, and try some new capitalizations.
19Oct2007 Delete "perpetual promise" from the prayer, and reversify it.
21Mar2007 Add "perpetual promise" to the prayer.
14Mar2007 Add a line about "perpetual prayer" to the prayer.
29Jan2007 Add a paragraph on the Bible and related issues in the Afterword. Update the Carl Schurz link.
15Jan2007 In the prayer, change persistent to perpetual.
07Jan2007 In the prayer, change hallowed to persistent.
26Dec2006 In the prayer, capitalize Principle.
17Dec2006 In the prayer, delete "us in".
16Dec2006 In the prayer, bring back the two words replaced on the 12th, add some more, delete daily, change creation to compassion, reunify two previously chopped phrases.
12Dec2006 Change two words in the prayer.
26Nov2006 A few more revisions to footnote. In the prayer, use "our daily choices" instead of "the right path".
23Nov2006 Correct the quote from The Hunger Project source book, and do a few revisions to the accompanying footnote.
22Nov2006 In the prayer, add an "s" to "path". Meditate a bit on paths and admit I've cribbed from the 23rd Psalm.
30Oct2006 Put meditations on having the world work in a footnote and expand them a bit. Add Alan Watts to the list of influences.
20Oct2006 Add "source of our being" to the prayer.
07Oct2006 In the prayer, try "hallowed" rather than "eternal".
01Oct2006 Put two more breaks in the prayer.
29Sep2006 Add another break. Mention Shakers.
21Sep2006 Swap the lines back and break the last one in two. Mention Versos Sencillos and note that the critical method is not universally applied.
22Aug2006 Try swapping the first two lines in the prayer.
13Aug2006 Add a parenthetical statement about a world that works. Mention Benton MacKaye as an influence.
09Aug2006 The line about bread seems redundant.
01Aug2006 In the prayer, just throw out that line about forgiveness. It seems redundant and divisive. Rewrite the Afterword accordingly.
20Jun2006 In the prayer, make the principle "eternal" instead of hallowed, and forget the "kindom is come" stuff since "into Your realm" kind of says the same thing with less archaic English. There are so few lines now, I might as well glom them all together.
16Jun2006 In the prayer, remove "Your will is done" (doesn't make much sense for a principle). Mention Dad's quest to convert atheists to agnosticism.
13Jun2006 In the prayer, add "into Your realm".
06Jun2006 In the prayer, make it a principle rather than mystery, omit universe and put back in truth.
30May2006 Transpose a couple words in the new part of the prayer so my memory flows better.
29May2006 Track previous efforts at the prayer. Mention APOD. Revise first section of the prayer. Add links to schools.
28May2006 Delete the "O" from "O great mystery of love, truth and life".
27May2006 How about "O great mystery of love, truth and life" instead of "God our creator". Explicitly break the prayer into three sections. "Mystery" can't really be called male or female so there's no need to mumble on about the omnisexuality of God in the afterword. Mention Carl Schurz as a spiritual influence.
02May2006 Try "God our creator" instead of "our father".
01May2006 Eliminate references to heaven in the prayer.
27Mar2006 Elaborate a bit more on the complementarity of Quimby's writings and Science and Health. Without benefit of a specific quote, delete the quibble about Mrs. Eddy's dogmatism. Minor edits and reformatting.
16Feb2006 Correct German spelling of Kashmir and add author and more complete title to this book.
16Jan2006 Call Mr. Perkins a rogue rather than irascible. He wasn't irascible, and he liked to think of himself as considered a rogue by the administration. Add the golden rule and the passage from "Footsteps of Truth" as influences. Other minor edits and reformatting. Give everyone a title when referred to by their last name, except Gandhi and Hesse. Make it MLK Jr. rather than just MLK.
09Jan2006 Take it easier on EST. Mention King quote and Desiderata.
04Jan2006 And of course there's the detail that God doesn't have a sex, or maybe it would be more accurate to consider God a hermaphrodite?
03Jan2006 First draft.

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