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Sixth email from Philip Stewart

Date: Mon, 04 Mar 2002 13:35:48 EST
Subject: Re: Tensegrity stresses

Hi bob

thanks for the great data.

it's nice to see that our work seems to agree!

find the attached pdf indexercable. i have taken your data and compared it with the actual data. amazingly, the robustness you have calculated seems to correlate with my numbers. it further goes to show that the relationship between the various tendons remains proportionate regardless of the load.

the following are the weights of the 4 struts in indexer....
A    174.5 lbs
B    307.09 lbs
C    258.01 lbs
D    187.5 lbs.

I am curious if, given the weights, your calculations will reflect the same proportionality i have found!!

looking forward to talking with you


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