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Date: Wed, 07 Nov 2001 10:49:46 -0800
Subject: tensegrity engineering

hello robert

thoroughly enjoyed your tensegrity systems web site, interesting.

i also deal with tensegrity on a proffessional level, specializing in large scale tensegrity based sculpture.

in past collaberations with Ken Snelson, i was able to come up with a full circuit design/intuigineering/analysis system that allowed me to accurately develop all of the structural elements without having to develop elaborate engineering models.Using this system format we were able to conduct real time analysis of various tendons during moments of dynamic exitation. this approach has consistantly achieved great results that seem to satisfy all. the down side of all this is until the point of initial assembly the design all the design parameters are based on intuitive knowledge based on matls geometry etc...

So i guess the question is are your analysis programs able to handle irregular geometry? i.e. the struts dont occur in a regular pattern or length, but rather happen more randomly, guided only by aesthetic and balance of the forces.

i look forward to discussing this soon.

thanks for your time
philip stewart

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