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From: "bob burkhardt" <>
Date: Sat, 01 Dec 2001 12:27:20 -0500
Subject: Re: tensegrity....

Hi Stu,

All my software is hand made and I don't import/export other formats. The best would be something in plain text where I can decypher what are the vertex coordinates and how the vertices are paired to form struts and tendons. Try something on me, and I'll see if I can understand it.

One widely used format I've used is for POVRAY, a public domain ray tracer which has implementations for Linux and Windows. That's in plain text and readily comprehensible to me and POVRAY.

I don't have ready access to AutoCAD and I don't know the dxf format, but if it's not binary I may be able to make sense out of it.

Thanks for your trouble.


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