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After reading the Internet edition of Amy Edmondson's A Fuller Explanation,* I decided to put together this area in my website. In the early 80's, I had worked through the Synergetics and Synergetics 2 books by Buckminster Fuller. Amy's book was an interesting refresher. This area is devoted to my various explorations rooted in Fuller's synergetics studies.

For more information on synergetics and Buckminster Fuller, visit:
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Synergetics Gallery
Letter on Tensegrity from Buckminster Fuller
Complementarily Transforming Jitterbugs
Definition and Classification of Tensegrities
Parable of the 13 Great Circles
Geodesic Math: Errata and Criticism
Ever Reworking a Meditation on the Origins of Good Sense

*The hardback version of A Fuller Explanation was originally published in 1987. A paperback came out in 1992. Those are what Mark Somers' version is based on. A facsimile of the 2007 edition is now available at Google Books. It has an additional foreword by J. Baldwin.

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