Figure 21: Basic Tensegrity Structures

Figure 21:  Basic Tensegrity Structures

  1. The four-strut, 12 (twelve) tendoned outside-in (negative) tetrahedron showing the 4 outer vertex turbining.
  2. The six-strut tensegrity, 18 (eighteen) tendoned outside-out (positive) tetrahedron showing central-angle turbining.
  3. The three-strut, 12 (twelve) tendoned tensegrity octahedron. The three compression struts do not touch each other as they pass at the center of the octahedron. They are held together only at their terminals by the comprehensive, triangular tension net. It is the simplest form of tensegrity.
  4. The 12-strut, 48 tendoned tensegrity cube, which is unstable.

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