Fourth Reply from Office of Buckminster Fuller

R. BUCKMINSTER FULLER 3501 Market Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 19104 USA (215) 387-5400 CABLE: "BUCKY"

March 24, 1982

Dear Mr. Burkhardt,

Janet Bregman-Taney has left Dr. Fuller's employ and so I am answering on her behalf. At last report, his answer to you was over fifty pages and still growing. He is simultaneously working on several books and several design projects, so it would be very hard indeed to predict when the letter will be done. However, he is now fully recovered from his recent hip replacement surgery and will be back on the road quite soon, by which time all his correspondence will be caught up; he will almost certainly have completed the letter by the middle of April when he resumes his travels.

I am sorry not to have a more definite answer, but the process of writing and re-writing a long and technical letter is a time-consuming one and, because of the demands on Dr. Fuller's time, it may well be several more weeks before he is finished.

Ann Emmons Mintz

Mr. Robert Burkhardt
155 Westminster Avenue
Arlington, MA 02174