Third Reply from Office of Buckminster Fuller

R. BUCKMINSTER FULLER 3501 Market Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 19104 USA (215) 387-5400 CABLE: "BUCKY"

February 8, 1982

Dear Mr. Burkhardt:

Thanks for your letter of January 29. I checked the status of Dr. Fuller's letter to you--it's a bit of a long story. Dr. Fuller had hip surgery about two months ago and answered your letter soon after he got out of the hospital. He sent it to me to be typed, which I did, and included a note that I thought he should read your letter a little more carefully, I felt it deserved a more thorough answer than the one he had written. I called after receiving your note (there's now a typist with him) and found out that his answer to you is now 51 pages long and still writing! It may be a while before it is finished as Dr. Fuller revises letters of that length several times.

Janet Bregman-Taney

Mr. Bob Burkhardt
155 Westminster Ave.
Arlington, MA 02174