Second Reply from Office of Buckminster Fuller

R. BUCKMINSTER FULLER 3501 Market Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 19104 USA (215) 387-5400 CABLE: "BUCKY"

January 26, 1982

Dear Mr. Burkhardt:

Thanks for your letter of January 10, which I am answering for Dr. Fuller. The reason your letter to Ms. Mintz was not answered by her was because she was stumped and passed the letter on to Dr. Fuller. He answered it personally and by now I expect you have his letter.

We have an associate who has done a tremendous amount with the mathematics of geodesics (I believe he has worked in tensegrity, too, although I'm not positive). If anyone can help you, it would be he:
Joe Clinton
Kean College
Dept. of Industrial Education
Union, NJ 07083
(201) 527-2342

Thanks for your interest in Dr. Fuller's work.

Janet Bregman-Taney

Mr. Robert Burkhardt
155 Westminster Ave.
Arlington, MA 02174