Letter to Janet Bregman-Taney

155 Westminster Ave.
Arlington, MA 02174
March 21, 1982

Ms. Janet Bregman-Taney
c/o R. Buckminster Fuller
3501 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Dear Ms. Bregman-Taney,

I last heard from you on February 8. At that time you stated Dr. Fuller was working on a long reply to one of my earlier letters. You also stated it might take a while for that reply to get completed, as Dr. Fuller would probably want to revise it several times.

As yet, I have received no letter, and I am wondering how much longer you think it will take. I don't mean to seem impatient. It has just been a while and I'm curious as to how the letter is coming at this point. I am of course very interested in its contents.

Thank you for your trouble.

Bob Burkhardt