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Tensegrity Press Releases and Photos

8v Octahedral Double-Layer Tensegrity Dome Photographs

Bob Burkhardt
Tensegrity Solutions
Box 426164
Cambridge, MA 02142-0021


These are photographs of the structure described in the press release about the octahedral double-layer tensegrity dome assembled by Tensegrity Solutions. The dome is based on an octahedron divided in half through an axis through the centers of two opposite triangles. Thus, one triangle of the octahedron is part of the roof of the structure, and three vertices of the octahedron are located at three symmetric points toward the top of the structure. More information on this technology can be found at The comet-like icon on each photo page will bring you back here. The other two icons allow you to progress sequentially backward or forward through the photographs.

Tensegrity Press Releases and Photos